Hack Your Program: What’s Not in a Ranking?

Hack Your Program: What’s Not in a Ranking?.


Well, that was interesting…

That earthquake that affected most of the East Coast? Yep, definitely sitting in the Philly airport at that point.

Ann’s Italian Adventure

Time flies when you’re having fun.

I’m sorry this has taken so long to get things up. My summer has been amazing and I’ve been enjoying it instead of thinking about this blog or my upcoming semester abroad. I leave for Germany on Tuesday!

Anyway, I still haven’t finished editing the video for Italy. It’s close, though. I promise. Hopefully I’ll get it done before I leave. And I still haven’t finished a comprehensive blog post yet, but I do have one that describes my time in Florence. I’ll be working on ones for Venice and Alba in the next few days.

So, to Firenze!

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Finally, an update…

…and it’s only pictures.

Flickr account is updated. I’m working on editing the video today and will hopefully have a comprehensive blog post ready to be posted by next week.

So “soon-ish” is 10 days…

Hello again, everyone. I’m in Alba right now. As I expected, Internet hasn’t been the easiest to find and we’ve been extremely busy. Florence and Venice were amazing and beautiful – expect full write-ups on them soon. Alba is gorgeous. I haven’t had a lot to do so far – just a string quartet and cello quartet. But the professional orchestra we’re playing with arrives on Wednesday and then I’ll be way too busy.

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m alive. More posts to follow, hopefully. Otherwise, you’ll get a full update (with pictures and video) when I get back to the States in June.


Pictures are up!


Blog post to follow soon-ish.